Kamloops Cowboy Festival
The Spirit of the West Rising Star Showcase

We're sorry but the Rising Star Show Case
will NOT take place in 2017.

We do hope to see it back in the future but at this
point in time we have had to put it on hold.


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The Spirit of the West and the BC Cowboy Heritage Society present the Rising Star Showcase. This contest will be held at the Annual Kamloops Cowboy Festival the second weekend in March. The following are some guidelines and criteria for this competition.

This contest is intended for emerging western entertainers, regardless of age
Entrants may be entertainers, singers, musicians, or poets
Material must be Western / Cowboy
A selection committee will screen entrants, prior to the Cowboy Festival
The selection committee will determine who is, or is not, eligible
Anyone making a false statement on his, her, or their application will be disqualified

Contestants must be amateur, non-professional performers. The determination of who is an amateur is in the sole discretion of the Administrator and the judges of the Competition (the "Judges") and the Administrator or the Judges may refuse to consider any entry from, or performance, by any person who may be considered by them not to be an amateur or group containing a person who may be considered by them not to be an amateur. For the purpose of the Contest, a person to be considered an amateur must at least meet all of the following criteria:

  • someone who is not, nor has ever been, a member of a union connected with public artistic performances
  • someone who does not earn, and has not ever earned, more than 50% of his or her annual income from performing
  • someone who has not sung or performed on a record, CD or video released for commercial distribution (a personal CD is ok if its not with a record label)
  • someone who is not a party to a management or booking contract with a professional firm or individual who is paid a fee for securing employment in the entertainment field
  • someone who does not have a current recording contract with a distribution company

Accepted entrants:

  • will be required to submit a bio and photo upon acceptance
  • will attend the Festival, perform, and be judged, throughout the Festival
  • must purchase a weekend pass(es) and are responsible for their own accommodation, etc
  • will be expected to have enough material for the weekend
  • may not be members of the BCCHS Board of Directors
  • May not be a main stage performer in the same year's Festival
  • First place winner of the Competition will not be eligible to compete in any subsequent edition of the Competition

Performance Requirements

  • No performance in the semi-finals of the Competition may exceed eight (8) minutes in length as determined by the Judges. The performance is timed from the first sound, or movement, and will include all musical and vocal introductions and tags.
  • Groups may have no more than four (4) members
  • Accompaniment in any performance must assume the character of true accompaniment. The test shall be whether the act can stand alone without the accompaniment as determined by the Judges in their sole discretion. Without limiting the foregoing the following shall apply to accompaniment:
    Vocal performances: Instrumental accompaniment by the person in the act, or by one other, is allowed, but not both, and must assume the pure character of accompaniment. NO back-up vocals, harmonies or utterances may be used. No exceptions will be made.
    Instrumental group: No accompaniment is allowed, only the instruments being played.

All entrants will be judged with some merit going to each of the following:

  • Singing or speaking ability
  • Entertaining ability
  • Material content
  • Stage appearance
  • Audience interaction
  • Original material (not required but considered)

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There will be three finalists in each category (Poets and Musicians) picked during the weekend by the judges. These six finalists will be expected to perform a 10 - 12 minute set on the Sunday Feature show.

The winners (one poet and one musician), as selected by the Judges, will receive $1,000 in prize money each. The two (one poet and one musician) in second place will receive $500 in prize money each.

The audience may be asked for input, but final selection rests with the judges -
The judges' decision will be final!

Entry Deadline
All entries must be signed and entry forms must be received by the start of the Festival. A maximum of 8 competitors in each catagory will be allowed to enter on a first come, first serve basis.

General Conditions
The BCCHS and the Rising Star Committee and Judges reserves the right to make any final decisions on all matters not covered by these rules and regulations, as well as the right to change, alter and/or rearrange parts or all of these competition rules and regulations at any time.

The BCCHS is not responsible for any expenses incurred by Contestants.

Contestants grant the BCCHS the right to photograph, film, video and/or digitally record their performance at the Festival or in conjunction with the Competition and use them for future promotional purposes.

Indemnity of Parent or Guardian of a Minor
All entries must be signed by each performer, and any entry from any person under the age of 19 must also be signed by such minor person's parent or legal guardian consenting to such minor person entering the Competition and acknowledging the contesent's waivers and indemnities hereby contained.

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The BC Cowboy Heritage Society
Box 137, Kamloops, BC, Canada, V2C 5K3
Email: cowboys@bcchs.com


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