"BCCHS Scholarship Application Form!"
Entry Deadline December 31st.

City: ___________________ Province: _____________ Postal code:__________
Phone:(____)____________________ Fax:(____)______________________
Will you be attending a post secondary institution in the next 12 months? _____
What are your courses of study going to be? _________________________
What is the name of your present school or college? ________________________
Please list the name or names of a teacher or counsellor as a referral.
What was the date of completion of your entry? ______________________

I am submitting one of the following with my application:
___Original art,     ___ Craft,     ___ Essay or short story

I wish to enter the BCCHS Scholarship contest. I have read, understand, and accept the rules and conditions.   Signature:___________________________

The BC Cowboy Heritage Society
You can mail this form to:
Museum of the Cariboo Chilcotin
1660 Broadway Ave S
Williams Lake BC V2G 2W4
Phone: 250-392-7404
Email: mccmarketing@telus.net

This same form is also available as a printable PDF file.