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2017 Cowboy Festival
2017 Festival Entertainers
BC Cowboy Hall of Fame
Thursday Night Dinner Dance
Alberta Bus Returns to Festival

The Joe Marten Award
The Wardens Wrap Up Story
The 100 Mile House Cowboy Concert
Matt Robertson New CD
Bill Cunningham 1932-2016
Horse / Cow Work Clinic
Spirit of the West Cruise

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From the Editors

Kathy and Mark McMillan

Kathy and Mark McMillan

In the last issue we told you who will be performing at the 2017 Kamloops Cowboy Festival ... now I'm happy to say we can tell you who will be performing at the 2017 100 Mile House Cowboy Concert. see the article here. Both events look like they should be awesome!!

There's also an article below about two working cowboys that have teamed up to put on horse training clinics. The difference in their clinics is they can be geared towards working cows, and the part I like is that youth is getting involved.

The Wardens went over really well at the Dusty Rose Pub in 70 Mile House and you can read all about it below

It seems like it's way too early to say this but I guess its that time of year ... so you all have a Merry Christmas and all the best in 2017!!

Kathy & Mark McMillan, Editors,

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From the President

Mark McMillan

December 2017, Pres report by Mark McMillan

Festival tickets went on sale November 1st and November 1st is when our phone started ringing!! If the ticket sales on the first day are any indication, then we should have a pretty full house once again.

The BC Cowboy Hall of Fame nomination deadline has passed. A meeting has been called to make the big decisions, but at this point in time this hasn't taken place. Check out the Hall of Fame page on our website in the near future to see who the recipients are.

The recipient for Joe Marten Award for the Preservation of Cowboy Heritage in BC has been picked and I'm happy to say it is ... see the article below ... Very well deserving indeed.

Mark McMillan, President, BCCHS,

The BC Cowboy Heritage Society
Box 137, Kamloops, BC, Canada, V2C 5K3

The BC Cowboy Heritage Society would like to thank you for your support over the past year. We hope you will continue supporting the society by renewing your membership for the year 2017. Membership information, and a membership form, can be found on our web site at:

BCCHS Memberships
If you're not a member but are interested in what we do to preserve cowboy heritage in BC, then you should think about joining. There are no commitments whatsoever and your $20 membership ($30 for a family and $100 for corporate) would be greatly appreciated. Membership dollars go towards the society's administrative costs.

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The Horse Barn

The Horse Barn's web site is:

The Horse Barn!

We are so glad to have the Horse Barn as a major sponsor of the Kamloops Cowboy Festival.

The Horse Barn is now open on Sunday, too!

Festival Tickets are now avaiable!

The Horse Barn - Rafter HB!

The Horse Barn
517 Mt Paul Way
Kamloops, BC, V2H 1A9

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Alberta bus a go for 2017

Good News For Albertans!!
Frontier Bus Lines Coach / bus to the Kamloops Cowboy Festival

Alberta Bus Tour to the 2017 Kamloops Cowboy Festival

Enjoy the Kamloops Cowboy Festival without worrying about mountain travel ...

Our official carry is Frontier Bus Lines and it's announcing their third annual tour to the Cowboy Festival with a departure on March 16th, 2017 from Central Alberta. The tour will include deluxe motor coach transportation with an experienced tour guide, 4 nights at the Coast Hotel (host hotel for Festival), $15 daily breakfast coupon, a weekend pass to Cowboy Festival and all three dinner theater shows. Please check their website for details at: or contact them toll free at: 1-888-LET-S-BUS (538-7287).

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Thursday Night "Welcome to Cowboy Festival" Dinner Dance!

Featuring Ed Wahl who will team up with The Gordie West Band

$45 admission (including tax & gratuity) includes the Cowboy Buffet (the same as last year), lots of great entertainment, and the Dance! Shuttle busses will be available from the Festival headquarters. This year featuring Ed Wahl and The Gordie West Band.

Happy Hour @ 6:00, Dinner Buffet @ 6:45, Entertainment @ 8:00pm.

The buffet will include: Buns and Whipped Butter, House Salad, Caesar Salad, Apple Cranberry Coleslaw, Baked Beans, Seasonal Roasted Vegetables, Creamy Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Chipotle Mushroom Ravioli, Rosemary Pepper Roast Beef with Au Jus, Assorted Squares and Bars, and Freshly Brewed Coffee or Tea!

Tickets are available at the Ramada Kamloops: Ph:1-800-663-2832 and ask for Joan, or get them when you order your Festival tickets.

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The 2017 Kamloops Cowboy Festival Entertainers lineup.

We once again have a great line-up in place and the weekend shows should be awesome!! Here's a list of performers:

    Cowboy Poets
  • Hugh McLennan
  • Frank Gleeson
  • Jay Snider
  • Kathy Moss
  • Ed Brown
  • Dave Longworth
  • Emily Ireland
  • Phylis Rathwell
    Cowboy Singers
  • Naomi Bristow
  • Hanson Family
  • The Wardens
  • Matt Robertson
  • Kevin Davis
  • Trinity Seely
  • Ed Wahl
  • Matt Johnston
  • Jess Lee
  • Bernadette Ducharme
  • Ben Crane

We're also happy to say that we have some extra performers taking part in the Festival, too. Fiddle player Wesley Hardisty will return. Gordie West will do the Horse Barn pre-Festival entertainment as well as some stage spots at the Festival. Shelley Goldbeck and Leslie Ross will return to do some of the happy hour shows making these almost a repeat of last year's Sunday Spirit of the West Rising Star Show Case. Unfortunately, due to school, Jason Ruscheinsky won't be able to join us this year. Mike Dygert will be back to help Gordie at the Horse Barn and at the Ramada Thursday evening as Ed Wahl teams up with Gordie to do the dinner dance.

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In case you missed the last issue, here's what's in store for 2017.

Here's a quick overview of the few changes in store for 2017.

Venue: The convention centre will be laid out a little differently allowing us an extra 260 seat theatre which will be located in the Ball Room. We will not be adding any extra chairs in the theatre like we did last year.

Trade Show: The number of booths will decrease. We are figuring on 29 booths in the Ball Room with 12 tables in the hall.

Art Show: The art show will be in the same location but will be sitting on half of the floor space.

Workshops: The workshops will be held in the room behind the art show.

Ticket Prices: Basically all rates have gone up $5.00. The cost of the dinners in the dinner theatre will now be $35. Weekend passes will be $80, Feature passes $40, and Day time admission $25.

Tentative 2017 Festival Floor Plan
Tentative 2017 Festival Floor Plan
click to enlarge

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The Kamloops Cowboy Festival
Art of the West Show and Sale &
Festival Trade Show

Artists and Artisans get your application forms in now for the 2017 Festival. Both booth space and art space will be limited this year so its important to get your applications in early.

The Trade Show has a good number of vendors already booked in and its basically first come first serve if you're an exhibitor looking for booth space. Applications and information can be found on the website Trade Show page.

The Canadian Cowboy Country magazine sponsored Art of the West Show and Sale also has seen a lot of interest so artists need to get the work in now to be juried if they want to enter. Applications for the Art Show are due in January and can be found, along with all the rules, on the website Art Show page.

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William "Bill" Cunningham ... July 28th, 1932 to November 1st, 2016

When we moved here about twenty years ago one of the first families we met was the Cunningham family. I remember meeting Bill and thinking now there's a true old time cowboy ... not just in his looks and speech, but in the way he was so hospitable / neighbourly. He truly made us feel like we were welcome in the area. From that day on I jumped at any chance I got to sit down with Bill and listen to the stories from by-gone days ... and I still remember most of them.

Stories, like when he used to chase wild horses, catch up to them, grab their tail, and dally the tail to the saddle horn so his partner could rope the front feet ... now that's cowboying. Many a story came from Bill's days breaking horses at the Flying U Guest Ranch in 1952, too, and it was there that he met Olga Rust who he married in 1954.

Bill at the Flying U in 1952
Bill at the Flying U in 1952

The original Cunningham house - 1920
The original house - 1920

The new Cunningham house after 1924
The new house after 1924

I learned a lot about the area and its history from Bill, and a lot of names of the cowboys that lived and worked around the Cariboo. What better guy to meet and learn from, than a guy that was born and raised here - Bill was about 64 when we met him and he was the third generation Cunningham at the 74 (the original Cunningham stage coach stopping place).

It was 1891 when Bill's grandfather, Jack, moved from Scotland and pre-empted land at Loch Lomand about 4 miles north of 70 Mile House. He married Margaret and together they built a 14 room house and opened the 74 Mile Roadhouse where freight teams and the BX Stage passengers often stayed overnight on their way to the Barkerville. This house burned down in 1923 but with the help of friends and neighbours was rebuilt within the year. One of their

kids, Norman, and his wife Mary (Molly), took over the running of the ranch in the late '40s and one of their kids, William (Bill) took over in 1975 when his dad passed away. Bill and Olga had six children; Bryan, David, Lee, Keith, Ross, and Heather. Their house at the 74 burned down in 2010 and a new house was built the following year. The grandkids are the fifth generation of the Cunningham family, and some are still involved with the ranch. The Cunningham family was inducted, as a Family, into the BC Cowboy Hall of Fame in 2011.

Bill loved his Horned Hereford bloodlines and their commercial herd always looked well cared for and in good shape, the stack yard always had hay in it, and the range land was well cared for. Bill rode every year up until the year he got a bad case of pneumonia and couldn't. He did ride again after that but not as much.

We met and worked with his son, Lee, quite a bit over the years and my intro, in our first year here, was when I helped Lee move cows from our place to the 74. It was about 25 below and a good half day ride. Lee showed up in a ball cap and I think he probably had a pair of gloves and a coat ... I thought wow ... he takes after his dad ... another tough old cowboy (although he was younger than me). The best part of that day (other than the ride) was when we arrived at the 74 and Lee's mom, Olga, had a hot rum ready on the table in their cozy wood heated kitchen. The second best part was when Bill said I didn't have to ride home, that he'd give me and my horse a ride home in the pickup!

Sadly Bill left us on November 1st at the age of 84. I'm sure he left us as a proud cowboy knowing that he raised a family that were all good hands ... all six of his kids raise cattle today and one of his grandkids is carrying on the family tradition, as well.
Rest in peace Bill ...

Bill Cunningham
Bill Cunningham

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The BC Cowboy Hall of Fame
The Deadline Has Come and Gone ...

A committee meeting has been called and there are nine new nominations in the pile to be looked at. Once the committee had made its decision as to who the inductees will be we'll post their names on our web site Hall of Fame page. This should be any day now.

There will be two ceremonies again this year to recognize the BC Cowboy Hall of Fame inductees. One will be at the Kamloops Cowboy Festival on Friday, March 17th and the other, hopefully, at the Williams Lake Indoor Rodeo on Sunday, April 16th.

If you know of a working cowboy that you think might be eligible check out the nomination information on our web site on the Hall of Fame page. Nominations are sent to the Museum of the Cariboo Chilcotin in Williams Lake.

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The Wardens went over extremely well in 70 Mile House!

The Dusty Rose Pub in 70 Mile House was really happy with the turn out, and the owners got to enjoy what they said was great entertainment.

Sunday, November 13th somewhere around 45 or 50 people sat around and visited, had a superb meal, and really enjoyed what turned out to be a wonderful night of entertainment by The Wardens.

L to R: Ray Schmidt, Scott Ward and Bradley Bischoff
L to R: Ray Schmidt, Scott Ward and Bradley Bischoff

Bernadette Ducharme
Bernadette Ducharme

Bernadette Ducharme made the trip down from Horsefly to take in the evening and meet The Wardens and ended up being asked to open for them with a couple of songs. As always she did a super job and was asked to do two more to open the second half of the show.

This was the first leg in a BC tour that The Wardens had put in place. They made the trip from Canmore, Alberta, arriving at Meadow Springs Ranch in 70 Mile on Friday the 11th. The following day they headed down to, and performed in, Lillooet.

This band is made up of three guys that all worked in the Canadian National Parks. Their songs, and the stories and introductions between each song reflect back to days they spent working in the parks. Many days in the saddle with a couple of pack horses ... by themselves for days at a time, just them and nature's beauty!

Not only did both their lyrics and their music reflect the beauty of the parks, but they also had an amazing slide show running as their backdrop.

The Warden's night scene in their slide show
The Warden's slide show night scene

Their last song of the evening brought folks to their feet requesting an encore and that they got. The band requested that the lights be turned down and the slide show turned into a starry night scene that made everyone think they were out under the western sky. An awesome night of great entertainment by The Wardens ... you'll definitely want to check them out at the Kamloops Cowboy Festival.

The Warden's with Bernadette Ducharme
The Warden's with Bernadette at Meadow Springs Ranch

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The Museum of the Cariboo Chilcotin

presents the BC Cowboy Hall of Fame

Museum Logo

The Museum is located in Williams Lake, BC. For information on the Museum, and what it displays inside, check out their web site at:

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The 17th Annual 100 Mile House Cowboy Concert

Saturday February 11th, 2017

Wow - Gary Fjellgaard, Emily Ireland, and Ed Wahl !! This should be another terrific Cowboy Concert. Two shows, too ... choose between the 2:00 PM matinee or the 7:00 PM evening show. Either way tickets are still only $15 per person!

Gary Fjellgaard
Gary Fjellgaard

Emily Ireland
Emily Ireland

Everyone knows the Juno Award winning Gary Fjellgaard so I don't need to say much here ... other than the fact that we are so thrilled that Gary has agreed to be part of the show. He is so supportive of everything we do and has not only agreed to perform, but he's donating his time! All proceeds from this concert go towards funding the BCCHS Student Scholarships and the BC Cowboy Hall of Fame.

This year he'll be joined by the young cowgirl that won the Cowboy Poetry spot in last year's Spirit of the West Rising Star Show Case at the Kamloops Cowboy Festival, Emily Ireland. Emily is a 21 year old born and raised in Alberta. In 2015 she moved to Abbotsford to continue her work training horses by taking a job with cutting and

cowhorse trainer Cayley Wilson. Her passion for western heritage led her to writing poetry and when she won the competition last year, and because she enjoyed writing so much, she decided to move back to Alberta and do some more schooling ... towards a career in writing.

The third performer this year is Ed Wahl. He may not be as famous as Gary but anyone that frequents the Kamloops Cowboy Festival or any of our other cowboy concerts or events will sure know him. He's a regular at the Festival, an annual at the Canada Day Celebration at 108 and you'll find him every year at the Barkerville Drover Days weekend. He also performs regularly in the Vancouver area where he makes his living as a shipwright.

Ed Wahl
Ed Wahl

Tickets are available in 100 Mile House at Work n Play, 100 Mile Feed and PMT Chartered Professional Accountants LLP. In Williams Lake they can be found at PMT Chartered Professional Accountants LLP. Tickets and information about the 100 Mile House Cowboy Concert are also available by phone at 1-888-763-2221.

Ed Wahl
Ed Wahl

Emily Ireland
Emily Ireland

Gary Fjellgaard
Gary Fjellgaard

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Alberta Cowboy Poetry Association - ACPA

Check it out at: If you're looking for a performer for an event, or if you are a performer looking to get booked for an event, then you'll find how on their web site. If it's a CD or book you need you'll find tons of them there, too! That's

Alberta Cowboy Poetry Association - ACPA

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Matt Robertson's Makin' History

That's right, Matt Robertson has a new CD out in time for the Kamloops Cowboy Festival and it's going to be big seller. The title track, "Makin' History" caught my eye right away as its right on par with our mandate to promote and preserve cowboy heritage ... and Matt did an awesome job singing it, too, as he did on all 11 tracks of this great new CD.

Matt himself, in the "Thank You" inside the CD jacket, said "To the fantastic musicians, great job!" ... he couldn't have said it any better. They truly are fantastic and they truly did do a great job.

Matt Robertsons New CD Makin History

Matt Robertsons New CD Makin History

Hugh McLennan is pretty selective when picking the music for his Spirit of the West Radio Show and he picked Matt's "Love To Go" as the first song in show number 21648 which will air the weekend of November 26th. You can hear it at Here's what Hugh said about this new CD:

"There are several things that endear Matt Robertson to western music fans. First it's so genuine. Matt is the epitome of a 21st century top hand, highly regarded by the select few who live the life and can recognize the "real deal" - as cowboy as they come. He's

honed his songwriting craft masterfully and with his latest CD he's raised the bar from the production side with some terrific players. This is his best yet."

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The 16th Annual Spirit of the West Cruise!

In the last issue I said - "Warning: at the time of this newsletter there were already around 150 folks booked on this cruise" ... well since then, and because of the popularity of this cruise, Jim and Karen have increased the number of available spots on the ship, in the hotel in Denali National Park and on both the train and the bus ... they are now pushing 200!! This will be one fun and amazing cruise!! Book now to join this great group on this great cruise ... deposits are refundable till March 21st, 2017.

click to enlarge
The 2017 Spirit of the West Cruise is off to Alaska

The 2017 Spirit of the West
Cruise is off to Alaska

See or call Cruise Vacations
Download the Cruise Brochure

That's right - North To Alaska is the 2017 destination. The Holland America's ship "ms Noordam" will depart Vancouver on June 18th, 2017, with Billie and Hugh McLennan and the Spirit of the West group! The cruise will sail over a seven day period taking in; The Inside Passage, Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, Glacier Bay, and Steward (Anchorage).

Following the cruise the Spirit of the West group will enjoy some of Alaska's most spectacular scenery en route to Denali National Park with it's unforgettable Tundra Wilderness, and the very best chance of seeing both Mount McKinley itself and Denali's iconic wildlife. Transportation to Denali National Park will be on deluxe motor coach and the return trip to Anchorage will be on the luxurious domed cars of the McKinley Explorer.

There's an option available, too, if you're coming from Alberta ... you could take the Rocky Mountaineer Rail Package.

Here is a photo of the 2016 Spirit of the West group

The 2017 Spirit of the West Cruise is off to Alaska

click to enlarge

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The Joe Marten Memorial Award
for the Preservation of Cowboy Heritage in BC

... and the 2016 recipient will be ...

Diana French
Diana French

Diana French is very deserving of this award for the preservation of cowboy heritage in BC. Off the top of my head here's a few of her many contributions that fit this criteria:

  • She was the curator of the Museum of the Cariboo Chilcotin in Williams Lake
  • She wrote "The Road Runs West"
  • She wrote "Women of Brave Mettle"
  • She co-wrote "Ranchland: British Columbia's Cattle Country"
  • She was instrumental in giving the BC Cowboy Hall of Fame a display home

Diana French has lived in the Cariboo Chilcotin since 1951 when she came here as a school teacher in a one-room school. She married Bob French, and after some moving around the area settled in Williams Lake in 1970 and they raised five sons. Diana then worked as a reporter and later as the editor (1979 to 1984) of the Williams Lake Tribune where she still writes a weekly column, "The French Connection".

The Joe Marten Memorial Award will be presented to Diana French during the Saturday evening feature show in the Ball Room at the Kamloops Cowboy Festival on March 18th, 2017. For more information, in the near future, see the "Heritage Award" page of our web site.

One of Diana's books
Diana French's book Ranchland: British Columbia's Cattle Country

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Horse / Cow Work Clinic

I think everyone would agree that we need to get more youth involved in ranching ... to help keep our ranches producing and to keep our western / cowboy traditions alive. I for sure love to see anyone encouraging youth and really appreciate seeing and hearing knowledge being shared, especially when that knowledge is coming from two guys that I think may be the most underrated horsemen / cowboys around - Miles Kingdon and Mark Grafton.

Horsemanship clinics geared towards cattle work
Horsemanship clinics geared towards cattle work

Mark gave me a call one day and said that were putting on a clinic in our area in case I wanted to stop by for a visit. It was the August long weekend and our rental cabins were full so I thought we probably couldn't get away. I mentioned it to our guests though and one said she'd love to go check it out - she knew of both Mark and Miles from the Mane Event where both are judges of the Trainers Challenge.

134 Mile Ranch
The clinic was held at
the 134 Mile Ranch

When we arrived at the original home place of the 134 Mile Ranch we met the hosts Jasmine and Kevin Bedford. Jasmine gave us a tour and filled us in on the history of their place. Kevin told us the reason for the clinic. They had lived in Prince George and knew Mark and his training ability. One of the reasons for the clinic though, was that they wanted their kids to gain some cowboy skills. Kevin said that when they were in Prince it was more like Alberta and they could use ATVs and move cattle on foot, where here they couldn't, they needed horses. They asked Mark if he could put on a clinic - horsemanship geared towards cattle work. Mark said yes and asked if he could bring Miles along.

Now there are a lot of guys doing horse clinics - horsemanship, colt starting, etc, but when Miles took the group of 13 riders out into a field with a dozen or so yearlings and started to explain a Rodear I immediately thought wow, this is so great to see, especially being as there was a 12 year old and a few teenagers taking part. Miles set everyone up to form the Rodear and explained how they could work out a critter to doctor it if need be, and which horse and rider would be the gate, who would ride in, etc, and how. At one point I heard him talking to Jasmine and Kevin's daughter, Lauren ... "step your horse to face left, now come back to face the cattle, now step your horse right, and back ... now even though you're a long ways away from them you've taught the cattle that you are the gate and you can move any way they might go".

Both Miles and Mark have studied the buckaroo / vaquero ways over the years and have spent time in Mexico and California. In fact in 2015 and 2016 Miles was asked to judge the Californio Bridlehorse Association sponsored show, Early Californio s Skills of the Rancho.

"I've pretty much always been interested in the hackamore, two-rein and straight up in the bridle" says Miles, "and those are some of the classes they offer". They have novice and junior divisions as well as intermediate and open and Miles said it was tough judging some of the juniors as they were all doing so well ... "and that was so good to see".

Mark Grafton
Mark Grafton

Not only have these two studied the traditions but they both worked and lived them. Mark, now retired, managed the Bar K in Prince George, one of the largest ranches in BC, for 35 years. As well as doing clinics Mark participated in numerous educational workshops and clinics including; grazing workshops, SPCA animal handling clinics, and Agriculture in the Classroom where they had up to 1,000 students a year visit the Bar K. Mark's dad rode as a buckaroo at age 12, and at age 17 he was breaking horses for the Calvary on outfits that supplied remount horses. He joined the Calvary as a horse trainer as soon as he was old enough and later worked as a buckaroo for ranches in the Great Basin before moving to Canada ... this explains where some of Mark's knowledge and interest was generated. Mark, while going to University in California, rode for some of the largest ranches in California. He also is used to running a crew and teaching cowboys, including his son Taylor who now manages the Bar K.

Miles Kingdon
Miles Kingdon

Miles has cowboyed at most BC ranches over the years and was cow boss at Quilchena Ranch. He's used to teaching cowboys and looking after a crew. He now manages a yearling pasture for Nicola Ranch and cowboys for Coldstream ranch when needed. With the sale of Quilchena and the encouragement of his wife Possum, Miles decided to start doing horse and horsemanship clinics. "It's exciting for me" states Miles, "because this is me". Bruce Sandifer, president of the Californio Bridlehorse Association, said "Miles you're already doing it - it would be unfair for you to not teach and share what you can".

Miles says a lot of the old timers wouldn't give up knowledge ... unless they knew that the cowboy was truly interested. His belief is that it is important to pass on information although he also states "... but I'm like a fly in someone's ear if they are really serious about learning". He added "if I didn't get through to the person, then what good did I do for the horse". Miles says the biggest part of teaching is being able to listen and he proved himself while chatting to me as he constantly refers to past conversations with others ... "so and so once said to me ... "

It works well with two guys doing a clinic because if someone is having trouble one guy can take them aside without interrupting the whole group. Miles says "Mark is a very generous person and he loves to share (knowledge)". He said that Mark is the more comfortable when it comes to speaking to groups but when we were watching we thought that Miles was. Mark added that both he and Miles have worked together over the years and both have the same philosophy on horsemanship and really complement each other.

Getting youth involved is so important to the cattle industry
Getting youth involved is so important to the cattle industry

They teach a little differently then most clinicians as they both have a complete background as buckaroos / working cowboys. "I think there's a need out there for someone to teach cattle work" said Mark, and added "most ranchers / cowboys don't get into detail when training for the job - they want to get the job done. In a clinic the participants are more focused on one thing".

Anyone thinking they, or someone they know, could learn more about cowboy / buckaroo traditions, horsemanship and/or cattle work should talk to Mark Grafton and Miles Kingdon about a clinic. Anyway you look at it, these two guys are not only extremely good with horses but they're both great ambassadors of our cattle industry.

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Home of the BC Cowboy Hall of Fame!

Museum Logo

BC Cowboy, Ranching, and Rodeo Museum The Museum of the Cariboo Chilcotin is located in Williams Lake, BC and is the Home of the BC Cowboy Hall of Fame. Its located at the corner of 4th Avenue and Borland Street. Phone 250-392-7404 Email:

We highly recommend a visit to the
Museum of the Cariboo Chilcotin in Williams Lake!
Check out their web site - BC Cowboy, Ranching, and Rodeo Museum

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